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.Community Chaplaiin and Christian Counseling in Grangeville, Kamiah, Orofino and Kooskia IdahoCommunity Chaplain Corp
First Responder ~ After Care
Counseling ~ Courses ~ Ceremonies

As Community Chaplains, we support First Responders such as Police, Fire, Emergency Medical Services, Search and Rescue, Communications (911), those they serve, and others in Kamiah, Kooskia, Grangeville, and the surrounding areas of North Central Idaho in Clearwater and Idaho Counties.  We also offer services to the local community, businesses, and others.

Depending upon need and circumstances, assistance can be provided on-site, by way of internet, or phone conferencing.  We offer Pastoral Counseling, Psychological First Aid, Crisis Management, Critical Incident Stress Debriefing, trauma after-care, PTSD, military, premarital counseling, support groups, seminars, courses, ceremony services, life coaching and healing support for the spirit, soul, and body.

Life can be challenging, but you don’t have to face it alone; we’re here to help.

Below you will find information about the services we offer.
Click here for information about how we can help your organization or business.

Chaplain Rayphe, Dr.

A few notes we have received

I have a big thank you to give to you. I appreciate you being there and being concerned...


Thank you for making sure a National Day of Prayer service was held this year...


Thank you for the information. I also shared it with a couple of my friends and it was very helpful.


Thank you.  I  am so glad I found out about you.  Praise God! Blessings to you. There is so much to share.


I feel very blessed to be a part of this meeting. You have helped encourage my becoming a better man in my walk. 


Thanks for responding so quickly to my questions and concerns.… I appreciate meeting others like me.


Thank you for all your help during some very dark days. Your encouragement helped me through when I couldn't see a way out. 


police, fire, emergency medical, 911 dispatch communications, search and rescue, military chaplain in makiah, kooskia, grangeville, lewiston, riggins, north central, idaho.First Responder
Police – Fire – Medical – Search And Rescue
Military – Communications
..“As a young police officer, I walked toward the front door of their home to tell her parents
that their daughter didn’t survive the crash; I remember thinking “I wasn’t trained for this”.
Chaplain Rayphe, Dr.

Certainly anyone willing to help another is to be appreciated; but how much better it is to identify with someone who has been there. As a volunteer firefighter with years of full-time military, police and medical experience, I have been on the front lines and I know the struggles and challenges that first responders are regularly confronted with.

As a Police Officer, one evening I (Chaplain Rayphe), was called to a traffic crash on a freeway.  Upon arrival I was told that both drivers were deceased.  While one of them obviously was, I went to check the other who had been ejected and was laying several feet away, alone on the asphalt.  I detected a faint respiration and so I began tending to this 18 year old, unconscious female.  As I was addressing her physical issues I also gave attention to her soul by offering words of encouragement that I knew her inner being could hear even though her outer body didn’t respond to what I was saying.  She made it to the hospital but passed the following day.

A couple of days after the incident I learned that a police officer  from another department, who had assisted me at the crash, told my supervisor that I may be having difficulty with the experience.  The truth was that I wasn’t but I really appreciated both the officer’s concern as well as that of my supervisor’s.

In today’s world, First Responders are routinely placed in disturbing situations that caring people just are not designed to deal with on a regular basis.  For Chiefs and department heads, Crises Management with experienced, confidential, caring counsel can play an important role in the wellness, continuity and cohesiveness of your personnel and department.  The First Responders under your charge will appreciate your concern for their well being.

It is also very comforting to have the support of experienced, trained personnel who are equipped for those unpleasant notifications and other, sometimes time consuming responsibilities that come with crises situations.

The Community Chaplain Corp is here with you to mitigate these day to day challenges. If you would like the confidential, trained and caring support of a Chaplain who has been there, contact us here.

What the Bible says for Christians about broken heart, PTSD, hurt feelings, inner healingTrauma After-Care
Victim Advocacy

What many people don’t understand is that a traumatic experience doesn’t just end with the event; rather that is only the beginning. Initial stages of the aftermath are often very stressful and sometimes there are many decisions to make. With emotions already high, if the legal system is involved, that process can be almost as stressful as the original cause, adding to the distress.

Trauma often impacts us in very significant ways, even if we don’t realize it.  If not properly processed, trauma can interfere with our relationships and in some cases, every part of our lives, sometimes resurfacing even years later.

In these situations a caring hand can be very helpful. We can assist you with community contact information, counseling, family notifications and many other needs. contact us here.

Christian, Biblical counseling in Kamiah, Kooskia, Riggins, Grangeville, North Central
Pastoral Counseling
Healing from the Past ~
Hope for the Future

Life decisions, premarital counseling, trauma, abuse, stress, post traumatic stress syndrome, family dynamics and other related issues are some of the “issues of life” that we may be able to help with.

As Pastoral Counselors, we see life as all-encompassing, with every experience affecting all of who you are including the emotional, physical, cognitive, and relational aspects of life. Every part of your being is influenced by every other part.

Inner unrest often leads to emotional instability, physical symptoms, and disease; while physical trauma often leads to inner unrest. Of course, all of this affects emotions, relationships, employment, family, and all areas of life in a real way.

Pastoral counseling addresses the core of who we are and how we respond to life’s challenges. When we find inner rest and contentment, other issues often seem to fall into place.

Pastoral counseling applies modern concepts with ancient, proven principles to every area of life; it is practical and effective.

Seminars, support groups and Local appointments in North Central Idaho and also by phone or internet.  Click here for an appointment.

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