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Woman defends herself from thieves behind locked gate

satan is a thief and so it goes without saying that those who serve him are also thieves.  In this video, a nice young woman who lives in a nice, secure home, behind a locked gate, is the next target for evil.  Watch how they stalk their victim and execute excellent timing.  This is a caution to always be vigilant.  Also, pay close attention to the intended victim.  There are lessons to be learned here.

Food For Thought:
1. Followed their intended victim to an unsuspecting destination
2. Worked as a team
3. Apparently anticipated an easy target

Intended Victim
1. Upon exiting her vehicle, appeared to be completely inattentive of her surroundings
2. Mistakenly assumed that once she pulled into her driveway she was protected from intruders
3. Stood her ground
4. Made a good decision to stop trying to win a war of strength
5. Rightfully continued to stop the threat against her after he fell but then disengaged at the proper time, retreating to safety.
6. Purses are a ready made target.  Create other methods to carry your essentials and avoid carrying a purse.

Parson Rayphe

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