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Healing Coach for Good Health

Bible based Christian health and healing coach for wholeness and wellness in IdahoHealing Coach for the whole person; Spirit, Soul, and Body

Healthcare in early America was uncomplicated: Medical doctors were largely individual herbalists and naturopaths who had either brought their trade from the old country or studied under someone who had.  But in the process of time, allopathic processes, with strong financial backing, were introduced and marketed as superior and often adversarial to the old ways.

Now the lifestyle and knowledge of health and healing, practiced since the Garden in Eden is referred to as “alternative” while newly invented treatments, practices, and pharmaceuticals are viewed as standard.

Along with the confusion, the obvious and very real spiritual and emotional aspects of health and healing (recorded throughout the Bible and history) are largely unknown and all but discounted by many in the modern medical system.

With God’s love, ways and care for the whole person, healing can be found in a holistic approach;  spirit, soul, and body. God’s ways have never changed and they have withstood the test of time. The Bible is the greatest health book ever written.  It has much to say about physical or “natural” health and healing.

Even when we don’t realize it, better healing almost always includes a multi-pronged approach involving both inner healing and physical healing.  Therefor, we address the whole person in spirit, soul and body.

I do not diagnose or treat specific diseases as an MD might.  As a Natural Health Practitioner and Certified Health Coach I provide consultations and health training to assist you as part of a broad approach to “be in good health“.

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