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Community Chaplain Corp

While not neglecting immediate physical needs, the Community Chaplain Corp is about supporting the spiritual and emotional needs of Police, Fire, Emergency Medical Services, Military, Search and Rescue Personnel, those they serve and others as needed.  As Chaplains who are trained in the areas of Critical Incident Stress Management, Grief and Loss, Trauma and the spiritual needs of daily life, we fill the gap left by others.

Core Values
We endeavor to prepare ourselves morally, spiritually, and educationally in order to present ourselves as competent and compassionate ministers of God in whatever assignment we may be found.

The Vision
The vision of the Community Chaplain Corp is to establish, support and equip caring and trained, local Community Chaplains who can provide cooperative assistance and practical, spiritual counsel to persons in crisis and or in need of support in the issues of life.

There are many needs to meet and many ways to meet them.  Contact us if you feel God may be calling you to this ministry.


community chaplain, christian, internet, phone counseling, pastor in grangeville, kooskia, kamiah, lewiston, orofino, lapwai idaho About Chaplain Rayphe – Founder
God has blessed me with a full life including lots of activities such as team sports, rock climbing, white water rafting, spelunking, hiking, fishing, hunting, farming, horsemanship, etc.

I was also in business,  a military MP, a policeman, and Pastor for several years (some of those things overlapped with one another).

I am currently a volunteer fire fighter, ordained Chaplain, certified counselor and certified health coach with well over 10,000 hours of study on these subjects. I am also working toward a doctors degree in counseling with an emphasis on trauma and inner healing.

I care about America, my state and my community.  God’s giftings combined with my life experiences, training and education have provided me with a unique perspective of life and I consider it a privilege to apply these things to serve and train others.

The Community Chaplain Corp is about relationships; both vertical and horizontal.  I look forward to getting to know you so please feel free to sign up for our email list, join me on Facebook and contact me here.

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