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10Oct 17

Health: A Gift from God To You

Health is a gift of God that He wants us to experience; He has said that many times. As a Certified Health Coach, Healing Coach and Pastoral Counselor, I very much appreciate God’s provision of health and healing for the…

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28Sep 17

How to be a good friend

No Friends This article says that "The ... number of Americans with no close friends has tripled since 1985. “Zero” is the most common number of confidants, reported by almost a quarter of those surveyed. Likewise, the average number of…

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09Sep 17

Does God want you to be in good health?

Western Christianity has often taught that a person's physical health is not a concern to God and that sometimes, He even causes people to be sick in order to "test" them. These errant teachings have created a great barrier for…

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03Sep 17

National Day of Prayer National Day of Prayer   Today you are a part of history. I have taught about National Days of Prayer, most of which occurred in early America.  I have led annual National Day of Prayer events; but to my…

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29Aug 17

Healing Coach for Good Health

Healing Coach for the whole person; Spirit, Soul, and Body Healthcare in early America was uncomplicated: Medical doctors were largely individual herbalists and naturopaths who had either brought their trade from the old country or studied under someone who had.…

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