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Our Approach

The problem
Everyone has a life both in and outside of the organizations of which they are involved.  The idea that people can simply “leave their baggage at the door” either on the way in, or on the way out is a misnomer.  People simply cannot turn their thoughts and emotions on and off like a switch.

Every supervisor knows what it is like to grapple with the daily issues of life, and periodic unexpected crises, of those they are responsible for.  Seemingly small issues can become overwhelming very quickly.  When family and friends become involved, things can be even more demanding.   In addition, sometimes associates are struggling with personal issues that, for various reasons, they would rather not impose upon those they work with.

However, very few leaders have the time, training, or resources to tend to all of the specific, individual felt needs of everyone who is, in some way or another, associated with their organization.  As a manager, you want to be more supportive, but regardless of how much you would like to help, for a multitude of reasons, you are often prevented from providing the support that the individuals in your group need.

Still, the very life of any group lies squarely upon the well-being and participation of everyone involved.  If the support staff is doing well, the team can flourish.  If individuals are struggling, the mission will suffer.  For a business, this might translate into a weaker bottom line and / or an injury.  For Emergency Services, this could mean a critical mistake with devastating repercussions.

The Solution
Science affirms the spiritual and emotional elements of humanity, and that these elements directly and dramatically impact daily, physical functions. The Community Chaplain Corp primarily addresses these spiritual and emotional elements which impact everyone, in every area of life, including and perhaps especially; organization participation and performance.

Our primary objective is to support those involved in the organization: Exactly how this is walked out varies according to the circumstance.  Sometimes our involvement might be limited to a caring ear while at other times we may play an integral part in helping to resolve a more complicated situation.  For a person in crisis, our involvement may be limited to contacting another party that the person is already familiar with.  In that case we would simply assist the person until someone else arrives.  In other situations we might be called upon to provide  Psychological First Aid or assist with Crisis Management solutions such as Crisis Incident Stress Debriefings (CISD). In all cases our objective is to provide support in a caring and kind manner.

Participation is always at liberty.  The Community Chaplain Corp does not preach, proselytize or push any religion on anyone, at any time.  If prayer is discussed, or if asked a theological question, responses are from a Christian perspective and always with permission; this is often a great comfort.

As Chaplains we work along side in a caring and kind supportive role.

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